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As a part of social development, students have selected modeling and fashion as a student organization.  This is the eighth year that the Charter School models have made a fashion presentation.  Each year the models proudly establish and continue the tradition of entertaining sell-out audiences with their unique fashion presentations.  We strive to provide our students and the surrounding community with the latest impressions in fashion, style, and sophistication annually.  As a part of educating students, the goal of the organization is to promote concepts of positive self-esteem and character, appropriate public appearance, and acceptable social skills. We adhere to this by taking a professional approach to presenting fashion, recruiting vendors, soliciting ads and/or patrons.  Although we are a campus organization, we strive to operate as a professional modeling and fashion company.  As it is for our organization, we indeed have a strong inner love and desire to please our audiences, supporters, vendors, and community in the most respectable and honorable manner while remaining current and passionate for style, fashion modeling, and sophistication.  We hope to continue to be a positive source for fashion and entertainment to our surrounding community. Our hearts are everlasting and may God bless!