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2017-18 Secondary Summer Reading List Grade 6-12
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Saturday, July 04, 2015

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See attachment for Reading Book & Assignment

This summer, scholars are required to read one (1) self-help book AND complete one project during the summer.  There will be a required reading list of books that should be purchased and read throughout the year.

 Required Reading

The required reading book should be brought to school with them on the first day.

1.    A homework grade will be issued for bringing the book to class.  

2.    The scholar will be quizzed on the basic knowledge of the book and will receive a QUIZ grade on the first day of school.  The test will be open-book. 

3.    After completing some classwork assignments, by the end of the first 10 days of school the scholar will receive a more comprehensive TEST.

4.    The scholar will present their projects on days 6-10 and will receive a project grade.

The Assignment

The scholar has until the first 5 days from the first day of school to complete the summer assignment (August 18, 2017)The scholar has six (6) options, but must choose ONE project to complete.  The assignment is a PROJECT grade.

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